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Add simple and delicious nutrient dense recipes to your daily diet for amazing health benefits.

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15 Minute Fitness Guide

Linked with easy to follow 15 minute workouts, mindset activities and holistic guidelines to sustaining a fitness program that actually works.

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Couch to 5K

Video based quick start to mobility, mindset, and motivation to get you on the road or the treadmill.  

Lace Up Baby!

Whole Child | Whole Teacher

It's about time you do less work and get better results in your classroom. Working contract time is not something I negotiate on but I also recognized there was too much to do within that time. So I make SYSTEMS and those SYSTEMS are right here for you...

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Class Systems Free Webinar

If you wonder how the teacher influencers make teaching look like a breeze while you are sweating every single day, feeling like your drowning and instead of giving you a life raft, admin gives you another kid... this is for you.

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Build Your Boundaries Micro-Course

Most teachers have a natural nurturing soul; considering we don't get into this profession for the pay (#increaseoursalary). Just because you are caring, kind, and a child's advocate doesn't mean you deserve to get taken advantage of at school. Here's how to start saying, "no thank you."

Start Saying No To Others, So You Can Yes To Yourself