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What is Healthy Roots Wellness all about?

If you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. You don't have time for yourself, and you're not sure how you're going to make it through the school year let alone find time to eat healthy and exercise. You are in survival mode ONLY... & some days even that is a stretch.

It's possible to be a happy, healthy educator! With the right tools and support, you can take care of yourself and still get the results you want in the classroom without taking work home with you.

With programs like Brianna's free VIP Program, self paced courses, or Root-ED Mastermind, she coaches you to learn how to preserve your happiness, build up boundaries, & create a routine where you THRIVE all without teacher burnout.

Brianna Silvio is an internationally licensed fitness instructor, health coach, and mathematics instructional coach and distinguished teacher in Dallas with over 15 years experience in the classroom and fitness stage. Brianna approaches whole mind and body health from a holistic posture and brings life coaching techniques into her coaching sessions and self paced courses.

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Learn how to balance your busy schedule, create space for health, without sacrificing anything.

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Modern Nature

Unlock your most natural beauty with my favorite and vetted non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan brand. 

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Where can I find Brianna Silvio class in the flesh? My current in person classes...

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Let's get down!

Brianna Silvio is a licensed group fitness instructor and holistic wellness coach. She has a masters degree in mathematics, physical education, and dance education. Brianna holds over 300 hours of continuing education, including nutrition, life coaching, and fitness. With over 15 years experience, she has helped thousands of working moms find balance in their busy schedule to achieve their health goals in a fun, sustainable way using her unique "ROOTed" system along side effective and positive 15 minute workouts.

Brianna coaches teachers to work smarter, not harder. She believes that when educators are happy and thriving in their careers, they can better serve our nation's students. Her company provides instructional coaching, training, and resources to help schools elevate their instruction without sacrificing their happiness. When she isn't in the classroom, you can find her on the fitness stage coaching you to your most empowered self. 

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What can you expect from a Healthy Roots Wellness class?

Brianna Silvio is all about getting your body moving, feeling alive, and having fun. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Form & Technique

You will build endurance, strength, balance, & perseverance.

Diverse Routines

We’ll mix it up: different tools, different moves, a different pace each class.

Emphasis on Mindset

Every class is rooted in self love, self respect, & gratitude with an emphasis on community.

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  • Nutrition Coaching
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  • Life Coaching 
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Classes are housed in our membership community. Join our VIP family and enjoy unlimited classes, nutrition and cooking support, and more. Any class, any time, you’ll get access to them all!  

Matthew S.

“She helped prepare me for Ironman, there is no one quite like her… just when you think she’s done, she has another set for you.”

Delaney L.

“She is inspirational, challenging, a total bada**…”

Jane S.

“I love Brianna and her positive, supporting, and motivating fitness training! She encourages everyone and guides her class to set and achieve their goals."


“Brianna is amazing at what she does! She isn’t like other trainers… she is veryyyy educated on nutrition and anything on working out ( high intensity, low intensity, cardio, weight training). She is always willing to help you out! I am so lucky to have someone that is so passionate and willing to help out!”


“Brianna is “the best” group fitness instructor in my experience. All the moves are coordinated to the music. She provides progressions to keep everyone, and I mean everyone, challenged.


"She is realistic, provides modifications, and demonstrates proper form to avoid injury and affect positive change. Brianna is a fantastic example of whole life fitness!”

Have fun and get fit, even if you have no time left in your day at your pace.


You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast, athlete, cardio queen to be successful here. Healthy Roots Courses are all about getting your body moving, not having perfect form, fitting it in where you can... & learning to love yourself while you do it. These courses are video and workbook based set up in modules that you have for LIFE, so as I upgrade the course you get those upgrades as well.

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The Healthy Roots VIP program is going to provide workouts, nutrition coaching, cooking lessons & mindset work to those who are looking for ways to improve their health and fitness without getting overwhelmed by the process. It's also great if you're looking to become who you were truly meant to be. 

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Not sure where to start, but you know you need to start?


You weren’t made to hate your body. You were made to be here and share your gift with the world, but that is hard to do if you feel like garbage. Do you need someone to talk to about starting on the path to fierce self compassion?

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