Hello, I'm Brianna Silvio.

Healthy Roots Wellness is here to help you find balance in your life. We offer fast, effective, and fun wellness programs that are perfect for busy teachers. Our programs are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, while also improving your mental health. With our help, you can finally love yourself unconditionally and feel great about yourself both inside and out. Contact us today to learn more about our unique wellness systems!

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My Story

I am a mama to two beautiful babies, a math teacher with a Masters Degree in Math Education and an entrepreneur. I began fitness instruction in college by total accident - that accident became my hobby which then became my passion. For the last 15 years, I have been honored to own my own fitness business. My goal has always been to help people become the best possible versions of themselves and feel confident in their own skin.

I grew up in the fitness industry; both of my parents were bodybuilders. My father even competed as a Pro. However, it wasn't until I was well into my late teens that I began to take fitness seriously myself. But I did it all the wrong way. I would work out to punish myself for eating poorly; healthy relationships with food simply did not exist for me.

After gaining almost 100 pounds from both pregnancies, I have developed a true love for my body and all it does for me. Often times we travel through our day to day taking it for granted, not feeding it the necessary nutrients it requires to stay well, punishing it for looking a certain way, or even harming it because of shame.

I am a math teacher and wellness entrepreneur yet I felt like trash every single day. I have always loved working with kids and helping them learn, but my teaching career and online businesses were plagued with chronic fatigue syndrome and massive teacher burn out in 2017. This affected me massively, made it impossible for me to be happy and do my job with joy.

I am now on a mission to help teachers and busy mamas learn how to love their bodies too- no matter what they look like. We need to start treating our bodies with the respect they deserve! They are amazing machines that can do incredible things when we take care of them!
I'm a personal development coach and writer. I work with clients all around the world to help them feel better, so they can do better.
Everything that feels like a battle right now, feels massively easier when you feel better. No matter the overwhelm you feel right now, let me show you a better way.

Live Class Schedule

Lifetime Frisco

EDG Tuesday 6:00pm

This cycling class combines high energy and high effort with performance-focused technology to deliver a powerful workout whether you’re a first-time indoor cyclist or a seasoned athlete. You’ll refer to your console, heart-rate zones and targeted metrics as you ride, raising intensity as the beat pushes the pace. If you use a heart-rate monitor, sync it to our screens to personalize your zone training. Flashing lights may be used; consult your doctor if you have a photosensitivity disorder or are prone to seizures.

STRIKE! Thursday 5:45pm

This high-energy class features fast-paced intervals of choreographed martial arts and kickboxing movements to tone and condition your entire body. You’ll kick, punch, strike and block your way to greater strength in this full-body, non-contact workout. Learn defensive and offensive blocks, side blocks and shin blocks, and side or roundhouse kicks with a body bar. Leave this class feeling confident and empowered.

LA Fitness Carrollton

Power Circuit Saturday 8:30am

Burn fat fast with high intensity intervals. Start the burn with body-blasting sculpting and calorie-crushing cardio bursts. Finish strong with some serious ab work. It’s time to make your body work.