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Fit For Freya, Healthy Roots Wellness, Brianna Silvio, is/are not liable for any injuries/conditions developed while performing any suggested exercise(s) at a gym, home or anywhere else I decide to exercise. By doing any of the suggested workouts, you are taking responsibility for yourself. By following any course plans provided by Brianna Silvio, Fit for Freya, Healthy Roots Wellness you are taking liability for your health; none of the mentioned persons are to be held responsible medical/health/emotional/or mental conditions or even death that may develop while you are following the course suggestions. By beginning the course(s) you agree that you have taken the advice of a medical professional and have released all known conditions that you may have. Although certified in group fitness instruction and nutrition we cannot guarantee any result(s) and cannot guarantee against any injuries that may happen while exercising or completing the course.

My suggestions are to work into it, if you have an injury or even just “out of practice” modify the trigger exercise to something else... example:

Pushups can easily become chest presses with two canned goods.

Planks can easily become crunches or drop down to knees.

Burpees can easily become squats with alternating knee lifts.

Anything that jumps: take out the jump.

Lunges an easily become squats OR glute lifts.

Tricep Dips can become tricep kickbacks using two canned goods

Remember be safe & smart, lots of water, modify where you need to.


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30 Days Challenge

We all know that losing weight is hard. It takes a lot of effort to figure out what works for you, and even more work to stay on track with your goals.

What you'll get:

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Please chat with your doctor before making any change to you current routine.